Ausspracheprüfung für die Praxis (APP)

illustration, photography

Illustration Plasticine girl teddy

Ausspracheprüfung für die Praxis (APP)

The project »Ausspracheprüfung für die Praxis«, short »APP«, was mediated by FH Joanneum. It included the design of more than 90 illustrations to by speech therapist E Brunner determined terms for image naming for Austrian children aged 3 – 6 years. My idea was elected out of 30 designs in 3 stages with probands (3 to 6 years). Criteria were both »favour« & »naming«. With the support of my dear colleague (Sam Povolny) the creation of the formed out of plasticine and subsequently photographed figures was completed in time. The »APP« includes the picture book, a diagnostic pad & a hand instruction. The layout design was done by an external agency.


Ausspracheprüfung für die Praxis (APP)