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ELV Ernst Lanner Versicherungsagentur

The Salzburg-based entrepreneur has been in business for more than 30 years and knows the insurance industry inside out. Regardless of whether it is about houses, land or apartments – the Ernst Lanner insurance agency supports its customers with expert and well-versed fair financial advice as well as an individual service.

To communicate the great experience and the trust that you can put in Ernst Lanner, the abbreviation of “Ernst Lanner Versicherungsagentur” – “ELV” was formed into a strong protective shield as a trademark.
The colors dark red communicates the keywords success, strength and activity, the royal blue stands for communication, security, trust, protection, diplomacy and prudence.

I was pleased to support the ELV – Ernst Lanner Versicherungsagentur in developing logo, design, stationery and web presence including a business portraits photo-series.


office equipment, photography, website


Ernst Lanner


Okt 2017

Perspective Business Cards MockUp
Website Ernst Lanner Versicherungsgentur