Gemma Gams

illustration, packaging, print

Gemma Gams

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of JPT, a group of 7 young musicians, mostly working for the renowned orchestra in Austria and Germany, a new CD  hit the market. The title of the CD »Gemma Gams« which means something like »Go for it« or »Let’s go« led to the design: the patterns are created with templates of stick drawings from Meindl Lederhosen in several modifications and are  transferred as fabric print with homemade »molds« – according to the traditional technique of Dirndl. Subject is a »Wolpertinger«, a mythical creature in the Salzburg – Bavarian region, and stands for the versatility of the group.


Gemma Gams




Aug 2015

JPT GemmaGams
cover, beer mats
disc, booklet, beer mats