Woody Musi Spüt

illustration, packaging, print

woody musi spüt

After the Woody Blechpecker received the trophy of the European championship for music for wind “Europameister der Blasmusik 2016”, they released their new CD “Woody Musi Spüt”. 2016 is a very special year for the 15-headed band, as several of them were in the lucky situation to become father. In retrospect, they think about their musiccareer and their growingup, which enlivened the design process: the decision was made in favor of a retro-styled look, which suits their current status the most. With the stippling-technique, which involves a pen, patience, and an obscene amount of dots, as well as a hand lettering, the design turned into a ready-made cover. The CD is available on their page woodyblechpeckers.at.


CD Cover Design Woody Musi Spüt


Woody Blech Peckers


Sept 16